STA cable and SWA cable: What are the differences?

Installing cables in particular space comes with a significant risk of the cables being crushed or sustaining damage in some cases. Among these, the ruggedness and reliability demonstrated by STA cables become the choice of most. The cables provide a protective barrier against mechanical forces and moisture to secure uninterrupted service in various installations. But why do steel tape armored cables perform so well and how do we choose them? To address this, we can further delve into their fundamental properties and examine the differences among the various types.

STA cable

What does STA cable mean?

STA cable is the abbreviation of steel tape armored cable. STA cables are insulated with cross-linked polyethylene and typically cater to low to medium voltage applications. It is commonly used as an armored cable for power transmission lines of 35KV and below. Steel Tape Armored Cables have an inner sheath with two layers of metal armor made of steel tape. It provides enhanced protection against damage caused by external pressure. The construction of the cable guarantees sturdy mechanical strength and resistance to erosion, thus safeguarding the integrity of the cable.

STA Cable Basic features

  • Conductor: Bare Copper Conductor of Class 1/2 (Solid)
  • Insulation: XLPE or PVC
  • Amour: Steel Tape Armored
  • Outer Sheath:PVC
  • Color of outer sheath: Black
  • Rated temperature:60℃~105℃
  • Rated voltage:600V, 1000V

What is swa cable meaning?

Steel wire armored cable is commonly abbreviated as SWA and is a rugged power cable used for mains power. Steel wire armoured cable is a durable power cable engineered for mains electricity supply. It belongs to a category of armoured electrical cables, which also encompasses 11kV and 33kV cables, and is utilized in underground systems, power networks, and cable ducting.

For further information on swa cable:

SWA Cable
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Similarly, steel wire armored cable represents another prevalent type of power cable. Let’s take a deeper look at the difference between SWA and STA cables and explore what sets them apart!

What is the difference between STA and SWA cables?

STA cables and SWA cables are two common types of armored cables. Both types of cables offer protection and durability in a variety of applications. However, they do have certain subtle differences. The main difference between the two types of cables is the type of armor used to protect the conductors:

Though both steel tape armored and steel wire armored cables offer protection, their armoring methods differ:

  • STA cables are constructed with dual layers of steel tape armor for enhanced protection.
  • SWA cables, on the other hand, are multi-core cables with a layer of steel wire armor to protect against mechanical damage.

sta vs swa

Regarding performance, the difference in armor type produces different characteristics:

  • STA armored cables have slightly less load capacity and flexibility, but are more resistant to compression;
  • SWA cables have excellent tensile strength, and SWA thin steel wire ropes have better load capacity and flexibility, but are less resistant to compression than STA cables.
  • STA reinforcement can withstand lateral mechanical pressure and is therefore suitable for direct burial underground installations or conventional pipelines, etc.
  • SWA cables are typically used in outdoor and underground installations and are ideally suited to applications where resistance to physical damage is essential. They are best suited for underground wiring or for fixing to outdoor walls using cable clamps. However, in environments plagued by magnetic interference, AWA cable emerges as a superior alternative to SWA cable.

In terms of price,

STA cables are generally less expensive than SWA cables due to differences in materials and manufacturing processes. The steel tape used in STA cables is generally cheaper to produce than the steel wire required for SWA cables and SWA cables are more costly to produce due to the higher demands placed on them.

Use of STA cables

  1. Most armored cables are usually associated with “underground” applications. the mechanical protection provided by STA armoured cables makes them suit for underground installations to withstand the effects of external elements and prevent damage during excavation. Examples include tunnels and underground transportation networks.
  2. STA cables’ sturdy steel tape armor can withstand the harsh environment of factories and heavy machinery spaces, preventing the cable from being crushed or damaged during heavy handling.
  3. STA cables are also widely used in buildings. Especially where cables are embedded in walls or ceilings. The additional protection of the cables minimizes the risk of damage during construction. Long-term reliability is achieved for the electrical infrastructure in commercial and residential buildings.

How to choose quality STA Cable Manufacturers?

Choosing a high quality armored cable manufacturer needs to meet focus on what?

  • First and foremost we need to focus on the quality of the product.

Choosing a high quality armored cable manufacturer needs to meet focus on what?

High-quality STA cables reduce the risk of system failures, which can lead to costly downtime and potentially dangerous situations. Additionally, the durability of cables guarantees that they can withstand harsh conditions for extended periods of time, resulting in lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan.

  • Does it comply with international certifications?

Manufacturers of quality STA cables adhere to strict standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The certifications represent the manufacturer’s commitment to safety and reliability.

  • Without compromising on quality or safety, competitive pricing is an important factor.

Obviously, STA cables vary from country to country and region to region, and it is inevitable that some cable suppliers will sell non-safety products at high prices. Therefore, we should carefully compare and check the market prices of different manufacturers.

ZW Cable is a manufacturer with excellent product quality, strict compliance certifications and competitive prices. As one of the largest manufacturers of steel tape armored cables in China, ZW Cable exemplifies excellence and innovation in cable manufacturing. We are committed to providing every customer with high quality steel tape armored Cables, Should you have any inquiries regarding product specifications or wish to know more about steel tape armoured cable prices, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We offer customized product services and would be happy to provide you with a detailed product price list.

STA Cable Conclusion

STA cables represent an innovative and reliable alternative in the field of armored cables. With their steel tape armor and various advantages, they are used in a wide range of applications. Also, from the selection of materials to the method of installation, every aspect of the process must comply with standards. We also need to prevent possible failures while maintaining optimal performance of the cabling.


Selecting STA Cable Sizes:

  • The STA cable is available in various core numbers including 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, as well as combinations such as 3+1 and 3+2, and 4+1.
  • Regarding the cross-sectional area of the STA cable, the options including 2.5mm²~400mm².

What is the difference between AWA and SWA Cable?

AWA cable stands for Aluminum Wire Armor. It is non-magnetic and is a single core cable. When a cable carries current, a magnetic field is generated around it. The strength of the magnetic field increases as the current voltage increases. However, by using non-magnetic aluminum as the armor, we can prevent the formation of these harmful eddy currents, thereby protecting the integrity and efficiency of the system.

On the other hand, SWA cable stands for steel wire armor. It is the preferred choice for cable armoring in external applications. It provides excellent mechanical protection from physical stresses and can also withstand greater tensile forces. SWA cables are used in a wide range of industries, especially in building construction, railroad and transportation infrastructure projects.

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