16 gauge 2 core OFC speaker cable

  • According to IEC and BS Standard
  • Approved by ISO, CE, SGS
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China
  • HS Code: 8544492100
  • Packing: 100 Meters
  • Number of Cores: 2
  • MOQ: 1000 Meters

16 gauge speaker wire is a common electrical wire that is used in audio systems connecting between the speaker and amplifier. 16 gauge speaker wire in mm is 1.31 mm². 16 awg speaker wire is made of  PVC-wrapped stranded copper or copper-clad aluminum conductors and sometimes adopts a transparent sheath for easy inspection of cable condition and quickly identify positive and negative poles. 16 gauge speaker cable and 14 gauge speaker wire are the universal and cost-effective choices for most typical home audio systems with moderate power requirements and relatively short wire runs. However, for high-power speakers, very long cable runs, or critical audio applications, thicker wire gauges like 12 gauge speaker wire or 10 gauge speaker wire may be preferred to minimize signal loss and maintain audio quality.

16 gauge speaker wire Specification:

  • Voltage Rating: 450/750V
  • Conductor: Plain annealed copper Class 5
  • Insulation Types: PVC
  • Sheath Color: Black, Red, Transparent
  • Test Voltage: 1.5kv /5Min
  • Temperature Range: Min -20°C to Max 75 °C

FAQ about 16 gauge speaker wire

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