What Is FRLS Cable? Properties and Usages

Smoke and fire are statistically the biggest hazards to buildings and safety issues. High quality electrical wiring reduces the likelihood of accidents during fire outbreaks, and FRLS (Fire Resistant Low Smoke) cables are the first choice in this area.

We prioritize fire resistant and safety rated cables at the initial stage of construction of residential and commercial buildings. It also includes FR cables and LSZ cables. These wires are designed with the sole purpose of ensuring the safety of people and property. Join us as we take a look at the benefits of frls cables and what are the differences between the different fire rated cable types.

frls cable

What is a FRLS cable?

FRLS cables refer to flame retardant low smoke cables. The cable is fire resistant. The flame-retardant, low-smoke PVC compound contained in the cables guarantees that less smoke is released than in other PVC-coated wires. It will be noted that the main cause of death and injury in electrical fires is mostly due to smoke inhalation and fumes. FRLS cables make certain up to 40% visibility, which helps people to navigate in a fire.

Low smoke also helps firefighters navigate easily when rescuing people trapped inside a room or building. As a result, FRLS power cables are widely used in high-rise buildings, hospitals, schools and other places where the risk of fire is high.

FRLS Cable Properties

  • Conductor: FRLS wire is made of multi-stranded fine electrolytic copper. The cable has uniform resistance, size and flexibility.
  • Insulation: FRLS cables are insulated with a thicker insulating compound with exceptional flame retardancy and low smoke generation characteristics.
  • The smoke density of the cable should be less than 50% maximum.
  • The frls cable temperature index should be above 250 degrees Celsius.

We now understand the the basic characteristics of FRLS wires. Discover the notable advantages of FRLS cabling that make it a top choice.

Benefits Of FRLS Cables

What are the favorable conditions that contribute to harm reduction in the event of an emergency?

  1. Minimizing the release of hazardous substances: FRLS wiring releases significantly less smoke, corrosive fumes and toxic gases (including hydrochloric acid). It is much less difficult when we are dealing with wiring-related fires or accidents.
  2. Lower risk of fire spread: FLRS wires are self-extinguishing and their oxygen index exceeds 26%. As a result, the cables significantly reduce or completely prevent the spread of fire, thus increasing the safety of the environment in which they are used.
  3. Improved visibility: As FRLS cables emit less toxic smoke, trapped persons and rescuers in a fire have a clearer view.

In addition, it has a certain aesthetic effect.

  • Better aesthetics: The use of FRLS cables helps buildings comply with strict fire safety standards. At the same time, the majority of FRLS cables are laid inside the building facility, which makes for an overall better aesthetic appearance.

What is the difference between FR and FRLS?

With an increasing focus on safety, there has been a rise in the availability of fire retardant wires in the market. Two popular types of wires are fr and FRLS cables, which are often compared by people looking for the right option.

However, there is a lack of clarity around the differences between the two types of cables. In the following part, we will explore the subtle differences between FR and FRLS cables to help individuals make an informed choice.

Although both types of cables are designed to reduce the risks associated with fire in electrical systems, they are used for slightly different purposes and have unique features.

  • FR PVC insulation has flame retardant properties that limit the spread of flame.The main feature of Flame Retardant (FR) cables is to minimize the spread of flame along the length of the cable, thereby reducing the spread of fire in electrical installations.
  • In contrast, FRLS PVC insulation offers greater flame retardancy while significantly reducing smoke emissions in a fire. The low-smoke properties of FRLS cables improve visibility in the event of a fire, which is essential for safe evacuation and rescue operations. The reduction of toxic gas emissions contributes to improved air quality under fire conditions and reduces the risk of inhalation injuries.

In general terms, FRLS armoured cables are preferred in applications where fire safety and personal safety are of paramount importance. In addition, for large-scale projects in public utilities, it is necessary to evaluate the specific safety requirements of the project to make an informed choice.

Difference between FRLS and LSZH cables

The main difference between FRLS and LSZH cables is their composition and suitability for different environments. Common 2 core FRLS cables have better fire resistance than conventional PVC cables. It emits less smoke and contains halogens, which release small amounts of toxic gases when burned.

However, LSZH (Low Smoke, No Halogen) cables do not contain halogens and do not release toxic gases. It makes it suit for environments such as hospitals, schools and airports where personal safety and the protection of sensitive equipment are important.

lszh vs frls

Which is better, FRLS or LSZH? The choice of FRLS or LSZH cables depends on the specific needs of our project and the installation environment. While both types of cables are superior to traditional PVC cables in terms of safety and reduction of fire damage, the superior safety features of LSZH are often the better choice in vital environments.

We are also available for more information on LSZH cable products:

What is LSZH Cable and Why LSZH is Better Choice?

FRLS Cable Conclusion

FRLS cables are an important part of electrical systems in residential and commercial environments. Their fire-resistant properties make them a reliable choice for electrical wiring. However, it is important to check cable-related characteristics before use to maximize the safety of people and buildings. More importantly, choose the right type of wire and cable manufacturer for each application to be certain of the safe operation of your electrical system.

ZW Cable is a well-known FRLS cable manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive range of high-quality fire-resistant cables for your selection. If you’re in the market for FRLS cables for an upcoming project, or if you need more details on products, including FRLS cable prices or specification, you can contact us via email or visit our official website. We will be happy to assist you.



What is the advantage of FRLS cable?

FRLS (Flame Retardant Low Smoke) cables have a specially treated outer sheath that is flame retardant. Not flammable unless continuously exposed to external sources of ignition. This feature secures increased safety in environments where the risk of fire needs to be minimized.

In addition, FRLS cables produce much less smoke than standard PVC cables. It helps to improve visibility and reduce inhalation hazards in the event of a fire. While ordinary PVC cables tend to burn continuously once ignited, releasing thick, toxic fumes that pose a serious health hazard, FRLS cables limit the spread of flames and the production of smoke. It is an indispensable choice for safety-conscious installations.

Can FRLS wires completely prevent fires?

The design of FLRS cables takes safety into account. Their oxygen index is over 26%. In fact, by rapidly extinguishing flames, FLRS cables play an indispensable role in fire safety. They can minimize or even completely prevent the devastating consequences of a fire spreading within an area.

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