8 awg solar cable UL Approved

  • According to TUV Standard
  • XLPO & XLPO Cable
  • Approved by ISO,CE, TUV
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China
  • Number of Cores:1
  • HS Code: 8544492100
  • Packing: 100 Meters, 200 Meters, 500 Meters, 1000 Meters
  • MOQ: 1000 Meters

8 AWG solar cable is a type of  solar cable that is commonly used in photovoltaic power systems. The ‘8 AWG’ is a reference to the AWG gauge.  8 gauge solar cables are typically constructed with a tinned copper conductor for excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion. 8 awg solar wires are insulated and jacketed with materials like cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or Cross-linked Polyolefin(XLPO), which provide excellent resistance to UV. 8mm solar cable is for IEC Stranded.

8 AWG Solar Cable Specification

  • Conductor: Tinned Copper Class 5
  • Insulation: XLPO,XLPE
  • Sheath: XLPO,XLPE
  • Insulation Color: Black
  • Sheath Color: Black, Red
  • Related Voltage: AC 1KV, DC 1.5KV
  • Test Voltage:3.5KV/5Min
  • Temperature Range: -40ºC–90ºC Max. Temperature at Conductor 120ºC
  • Service Life: 25 Years

 FAQ About 8 AWG Solar Wire

The price of 8 AWG wire per foot varies depending on LME copper price. Prices are difference in every week.

Here is price list just for you reference: USD 0.39 per feet.

8 AWG solar cable can be buried, but it must be rated for direct burial (often indicated as “DB” on the cable jacket). Not all solar cables are designed for this, so it’s essential to check the cable’s specifications before installation.

  • Durability for long-term outdoor exposure
  • Flexibility for securing and routing on rooftops
  • Good conductivity and heat dissipation
  • Cost-effective balance of size and performance
  • Meets code requirements for typical residential solar
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