Flexible Multicore PVC Sheath CY Control Cable

  • According to IEC and BS Standard
  • PVC Cable
  • Approved by ISO, CE, SGS
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China
  • In Stock
  • HS Code: 8544492100
  • Packing: 100 Meters
  • MOQ: 100 Meters
  • Low Voltage

CY cable meaning control flex cable or screened flexible cables, is a type of electrical cable used to protect machine tools, systems, and equipment from electrical interference. CY control cable is distinguished by the multi-core, tinned copper braid shield that protects against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), maintaining a high level of circuit integrity in engineering, measurement, control, and other applications. Cy control cable can be used outdoors but should be protected from direct sunlight; common configurations are cy cable 2 core and 4 core cy cable.We will offer your reasonable cy cable price, and provide free sample to check our qulity.

CY Cable Specification:

  • Voltage Rating: 300/500V
  • Conductor: Plain annealed copper Class 5
  • Insulation: PVC
  • Sheath Color: Grey
  • Test Voltage:3KV/5Min
  • Temperature Range: Max 80°C, Min -20 °C

FAQ about CY Control Cable

The main differences among CY, SY, and YY control cables lie in their shielding capabilities.

CY control cable:  Braided with multi-core tinned copper wire, this cable is typically used for interference-free transmission in low or medium-voltage installations.

SY cable: Has galvanized steel wire braid for enhanced mechanical protection but reduced EMI protection, and often adopts transparent sheath.

YY cable: YY cables prioritize flexibility without significant shielding and are suitable for indoor use.

Cable CY  features a multi-core flexible, tinned copper wire braid (TCWB) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) barrier for applications requiring flexibility, durability, and immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI). Common applications include:

  • Machine tools
  • Control and measurement
  • Systems and appliances engineering
  • EMC critical installations
  • Flexible use when temporarily moved without tensile stress

Depending on the cy cable size, cy flex cable comes in various current ratings. Here are some examples of control flex cable sizes and current ratings:
0.5mm²: 11 Amp
0.75mm²: 14 Amp

For more accurate current ratings, you can check out this: Understanding Flexible Cable: Types&Applications, And Definition




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