Single Core 1.5mm Cable

  • According to IEC and GB Standard
  • PVC Cable
  • Approved by ISO,CCC, CE
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China
  • In Stock
  • Number of Cores:1
  • HS Code: 8544492100
  • Packing: 100 Meters
  • MOQ: 100 Meters
  • Low Voltage

1.5mm cable, with its conductor cross-sectional area measuring 1.5 square millimeters, is a standard choice for residential and commercial lighting circuits. 1.5mm wire’s effectiveness and safety in various applications hinge on several critical factors. Cable 1.5mm include the conductor material, typically copper or aluminum, which influences its current carrying capacity. The conductor of 1.5mm2  house wire is solid or stranded wire and the insulation is PVC.

1.5mm Cable Specification

  •  Diameter:2.8mm
  • Conductor: Plain annealed copper Class 1 or Class 2
  • Insulation:PVC
  • Sheath Color: Red,Yellow, Blue, Green, Yellow-Green
  • Related Voltage: 450/750V
  • Test Voltage:2.5KV/5Min
  • Temperature Range: Max 70°C, Min -10 °C
  • Conductor Resistance: ≤ 12.1(Ω/KM)
  • Weight:20KG/KM
  • FAQ About Cable 1.5mm2

1.5mm2 cable is typically rated at around 23 Amps (A) for residential installations.

The price of a 1.5mm electrical wire can depend on several factors, including the price of copper and PVC. In addition, market fluctuations and supply may also affect the price. So here is price for your check.

1.5 sq mm wire price USD $0.19 per meter.

1.5mm convert to gauge is 16 AWG.

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