Understanding 7 Way Trailer Wire

  • According to UL Standard
  • PVC &PVC Sheath
  • Approved by CE, UL
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China
  • Number of Cores:7
  • HS Code: 8544492100
  • MOQ: 1000 Meters
  • Low Voltage

7 way trailer wire is flexible cable used to contacting trailer  vehicle. 7 core trailer wire consists of seven wires that are color-coded to match the functions they control. The conductor is stranded copper wire, and insulation and sheath are flexible PVC. Therefore, the feature  of the 7 way trailer wiring is very soft, friction-resistant and durable.

7 way trailer wire specification:

  • 7-way trailer wire gauge: 14 gauge,  12 gauge
  • 6mm battery cable diameter:4.8mm
  • Insulation:PVC C
  • Insulation Color:Green, Yellow, Brown, Blue, Black, White, Red
  • Sheath Color: Black
  • Test Voltage:2.0KV/5Min
  • Temperature Range: Max 90°C, Min -10 °C

FAQ about 7 Way trailer Cable

7 way Trailer Wire Color Code is a standard set of colors used to identify the function of each wire in a 7-pin trailer plug. The colors and their corresponding functions are shown below

  • White: Ground wire
  • Brown: Tail/running lights
  • Green: Right turn/brake light
  • Yellow: Left turn/brake light
  • Red: Auxiliary power
  • Black: Reverse lights
  • Blue: Brake controller output

sue, we provide trailer wire spool when you order our trailer wire. Here is more information: trailer wire spool is a spool of wire used for rewiring a trailer or splicing in a connector.

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