Heavy-Duty 35mm Welding Cable

  • According to IEC and BS Standard
  • Rubber
  • Approved by ISO,CE, SGS
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China
  • In Stock
  • Number of Cores:1
  • HS Code: 8544492100
  • Packing: 100 Meters
  • In Stock
  • Low Voltage

35mm welding cable refers to a welding cable with a conductor cross-sectional area of 35 square millimeters. The cable can handle substantial electrical currents, making it ideal for heavy-duty welding tasks in industrial and construction settings. 35mm welding cable is made of stranded copper wire with EPDM insulation, which is highly heat and flame resistant and can maintain performance even in freezing weather. Rubber sheath protects 35 sq mm welding cable against abrasion, oils, chemicals, and other factors.

35mm welding cable specification:

  • 35mm2 welding cable diameter: 13mm
  • Conductor: Plain annealed copper Class 5
  • Insulation: Rubber
  • Sheath Color: Black and Red
  • Test Voltage:2.5KV/5Min
  • Temperature Range: Max 90°C, Min -20 °C
  • Conductor Resistance: ≤ 0.524(Ω/KM)

FAQ about 35mm2 welding cable

The use of welding cable with a cross-section of 35 mm² includes:

Heavy industrial welding: This cable can be used as an industrial cable in large-scale industrial welding operations, where higher currents are required to weld thick metal sections or heavy structural components.

Infrastructure Welding: For welding construction projects such as bridges, pipelines, and other infrastructures requiring high welding power.

Shipbuilding and Marine Welding: Used in the marine industry to weld ship structures and other marine applications.

Heavy Equipment Repair: Welds heavy machinery and equipment used in mining, construction, and other industries in the repair shop.


The single core 35mm welding cable can carry a current of 170A in air

35mm welding cable price is not fixed and will fluctuate according to the price of raw material copper; the specific price can refer to the copper price on the day or contact us, the price given here is for reference only:

$4 per meter


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