Disadvantages of steel wire armoured cable

Our clients would like to know disadvantages of using the steel wire armoured cable. Now we'll tell you the answer.
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Steel Wire Armoured Cable, a staple in heavy-duty power transmission, is renowned for its robustness and protection against external influences. However, this very construction that imparts durability also brings with it certain limitations.These disadvantages can significantly impact the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and practicality of its use.

Disadvantages of Steel Wire Armoured Cable

  1. Weight and Rigidity: SWA cables are significantly heavier and more rigid compared to other types of cables. This can make installation more challenging, especially in situations where the cable needs to be run through tight spaces or bent around corners.
  2. Corrosion: Although steel offers excellent mechanical protection, it is susceptible to corrosion, especially in environments with high moisture or corrosive conditions. This necessitates additional considerations for protective coatings or the selection of a different type of armoured cable, such as those with aluminum wire amour.
  3. Cost: The additional materials and manufacturing processes involved in producing SWA cables typically make them more expensive than unarmoured alternatives.
  4. Handling Difficulties: The rigidity and weight of SWA cables can make them more difficult to handle during installation. Special tools and techniques are often required to cut and terminate these cables correctly.
  5. Overheating Risks: If not properly installed or if used in an inappropriate setting, there is a risk of overheating. The steel armour can trap heat, and if the  armoured cable is not rated for the current it carries, this can lead to insulation breakdown and potentially cause a fire hazard.

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