Medium Voltage - 6/10 kV, 12/20 kV, 18/30 kV Cable

  • According to IEC and GB Standard
  • Approved by ISO,CCC, CE
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China
  • Number of Cores: 1 or 3
  • HS Code: 8544492100
  • MOQ: 500 Meters

5KV Cable to 36KV Cale are related to Medium voltage cables. Mv cables are essential for industrial and infrastructure power distribution. Their construction typically includes a conductive core (usually copper or aluminum), surrounded by high-quality insulation like XLPE , a metallic shield for electric field distribution and grounding, and a protective PVC jacket. These features make them durable and suitable for various demanding environments, including underground and outdoor installations, in industrial plants, power stations, and distribution networks.


FAQ about KV Cable

KV cable” refers to a type of cable that is rated for high voltage applications, where “KV” stands for kilovolts. These cables are designed to handle electrical power transmission at high voltage levels, typically in the range of thousands of volts (1 kilovolt = 1000 volts). The specific characteristics of KV cables can vary depending on their intended use, but here are some common features and considerations. KV cables come in various voltage ratings, such as 11kV, 33kV, 66kV, etc. The appropriate voltage rating depends on the power transmission requirements of the system they are used in.

The term “6/10 kV cable” refers to a type of electrical cable that is rated for a maximum operating voltage of 6 kV (kilovolts) to 10 kV. This rating indicates the maximum electrical potential the cable can safely handle. Cables with such ratings are typically used in medium voltage applications.

6.6 kV cable pricing is not actual prices. It can vary widely based on factors such as the raw material price, insulation material price and current market conditions. But as cable manufacturer ZW Cable will give you the reference price.

6.6KV 3*70 USD 28 Per Meter

6.6KV 3*95 USD 36 Per Meter

6.6KV 3*120 USD 36 Per Meter


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