Leading Top 10 Cable Manufacturers in the World

With the growth of the contemporary economy and society, cable manufacturers play a crucial role in the electrical wire and cable business. The development situation of the wire and cable market is also one of the influencing factor in measuring the level of manufacturing in a country. The global wire and cable industry has entered a stable growth stage, which can not be separated from the role of cable manufacturers to promote.

Electrical wire and cable is one of the infrastructures of the modern power industry and is widely urban and rural power electrics and transportation. Due to the impact of the Covid-2019 epidemic in recent years, the global demand for electrical cables has shrunk, which has had a certain impact on cable manufacturers in different countries. However, the Chinese government has implemented efficient measures to stop and manage the epidemic, allowing domestic industries to recover quickly. Furthermore, the Chinese government has strengthened policy support for cable manufacturers and suppliers, which has improved the development of China’s electrical wire and cable market.

Products constructed of electrically conductive materials, such as electrical wires and cables, are used to transfer electricity, signals, and other types of data. Electrical cable insulation, one or more conductors (commonly made of a metallic material like copper or aluminium), and occasionally cover a sheath to protect the conductor and insulation from the external damage are the main parts of electrical cable. Wires and cables are mostly used in the business of building, power, communication,  industry, and others. At the same time electric wire and cable can be divided into various types based on the usage and the materials used in the wire and cable, such as power cable, control cable, solar cable and fiberoptic cable.

Cable manufacturers make different wires and cables by assembling metallic conductor materials and insulating materials together in a special process. There are many wire and cable manufacturers around the world and here is an analysis of the top 10 cable manufacturers in world.

ZW Cable   ZW Cables

ZW Cable is one of the leading wire cable manufacturers in China, it is a brand belonging to Henan Dazhongyuan Wire & Cable Company, which was established in 1993, its factory is located in Jiaozuo Industrial Cluster, Henan Province, covering an area of 67,000 square meters, with more than 200 employees, with senior engineers accounting for 25 per cent of the total workforce. ZW Cable is a large-scale wire and cable manufacturer and supplier that combines production, research and development, and sales. ZW Cable aims to become the biggest cable manufacturers in the world.

ZW Cable always adhere to the philosophy of quality first, reputation first, customer centered, safety and sustainability as the necessary factors to provide customers with cable solutions that suit the customer. The company mainly produces solar cables, THHN wires, battery cables, control cables, welding cables and armoured cables, etc. The company also accepts customization from customers, discussing with professionals to come up with a cable solution, and then customizing the special cables. That’s why ZW Cable is also one of the global custom cable manufacturers. As cables penetrate into various industries and applications of people’s life, ZW Cable also pays special attention to the safety of the products and strictly controls the standards of wires and cables to ensure the safety of customers using the cables.

ZW Cable sells its products all over the world, providing customers in different countries with satisfactory answers, and has long term cooperation with a number of listed companies as well as long term cooperation with the Yemeni government’s Ministry of Electricity, Italy’s National Electricity Authority and France’s Electricity Company. Additionally, ZW Cable has a long-standing partnership with the French Electricity Company, the Italian National Electricity Authority, and the Yemeni Ministry of Electricity. In addition to this, ZW Cable has a strong focus on innovation, constantly seeking new cable solutions for its customers, using advanced technologies and equipment for production.

Henan Central Plain Cables and Wires Company is in the leading position in China’s wire cable manufacturers, and has been awarded the title of Henan Province inspection-free brand, quality products, and has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, the national mandatory product certification, etc. The corporation possesses hundreds of millions of yuan in fixed assets, together with cutting-edge production machinery, ideal testing equipment, and a potent technical team. The company’s total assets of hundreds of millions of yuan, and own advanced production equipment, perfect detection methods and strong technical support. Since its establishment, ZW Cable has been used in military industry and adopted in key projects in Henan Province, such as Xiaolangdi project. And with a wide range of customers, we have set up direct sales offices in all provinces and cities in China, meanwhile, our wire and cable products are also very popular in other countries, and we are regarded as a trustworthy partner, and the customers and companies we have cooperated with have had very good feedbacks, which is also what ZW Cable is pursuing.

As the best cable manufacturer, every process, from raw material to finished product, is strictly controlled to ensure the high quality and standard of cables. ZW Cables sets strict requirements and high standards for itself and endeavours to satisfy the needs of its customers.

Southwire  Southwire

As one of the preeminent North American wire and cable manufacturers and suppliers, Southwire was founded in 1950 in Rolton, Georgia, and has been in business for more than 70 years. Dedicated to producing a wide range of utility cables, building wire and industrial cables, Southwire provides customers with innovative products and services of exceptional quality. In addition in recent years has acquired several electrical companies, such as CEP and AEM, one of the leading cable tie manufacturers in the United States, with advanced cable tie manufacturing technology and the largest temporary power distribution and lighting products.

Nexans  Nexans

As one of the wire cable manufacturers and suppliers in the world, Nexans is headquartered in France, formerly known as Alcatel, and was founded in 1898, more than 120 years ago. One of the biggest manufacturers of sophisticated cable solutions for the electric grid, including energy, infrastructure, and industry, is Nexans. It also has a significant number of consumers globally due to its strong international market. In 2013, it established a foundation to promote sustainable growth and offer energy assistance to underdeveloped regions worldwide, becoming the first power transmission cable manufacturers to do so.

Prysmian Group Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group is a leading global energy and cable supplier based in Italy. Established in 2011 to help transmit and distribute electricity globally, it is one of the high voltage cable manufacturers. And it provides customers with wire and cable products such as power cable, communication cables and fibre optic cables, as well as network components, monitoring and maintenance systems. Meanwhile, Prysmian Group pursues advanced technology to provide customers with good cable solutions and continues to innovate cable systems and provide strong cable support for high-power marine cable construction to achieve the submarine connectivity that customers need. Prysmian group will be the largest wire and cable manufacturers.

Lapp Group  Lapp Group

Founded in 1959 in Germany, Lapp Group is today one of the leading multinational cable manufacturers, offering cable solutions worldwide, and is also one of the cable assembly manufacturers and automotive cable manufacturers, producing different types of cables and assemblies for use in industry, automation, energy and mechanical engineering, providing reliable and efficient cable connection solutions, Lapp delivers worldwide, pursuing high quality products and innovative solutions, as well as customised cable solutions.

Belden Inc  Belden Inc.

One of the main producers of signal transmission cable manufacturers worldwide is Belden Incorporated. Belden Inc., which was founded in Chicago in 1902 and now maintains its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, has grown more than 120 years to become one of the world’s leading high-speed electronic cable suppliers and manufacturers. Belden produces a variety of cables and connectors for network signal connectivity in areas like infrastructure, transportation, residential, and industrial automation, which also includes networking functions to increase efficiency. and infrastructure, where productivity-boosting technologies like networking are included in industrial automation. Additionally, it is simple to offer cable solutions to clients worldwide and integrate network security connectivity to match their needs thanks to offices located all over the world.

Elsewedy Electric Elsewedy Electric

Established in 1938, Elsewedy Electric has grown from a small retailer to a comprehensive cable manufacturer and supplier, headquartered in Egypt, with a wide range of businesses in the fields of wires, cables and accessories, other electrical products, building construction and infrastructure investment in many countries.Elsewedy Electric’s service mission is to Integrated design, procurement and construction services to efficiently complete our clients’ projects. Dedicated to providing efficient integrated energy solutions to customers and communities safely and efficiently with superior expertise and service. And it also make a Contribution to  all regions’ development in the world.

Bambach Wires & Cables Bambach Wires & Cables

Bambach Wires & Cables is one of Australia’s leading cable manufacturers of wires and cables such as control cables, instrumentation cables and communication cables for industry, commerce, mining and infrastructure. It is also capable of manufacturing small quantities for a wide range of customers. Established in 1936. The company contributes to the cable manufacturing industry in Australia by emphasising on product development and innovation and is committed to providing its customers with high quality wires and cables, thereby meeting their specific needs.

Encore Wire  Encore Wire

Encore Wire Corporation is a Texas-based copper cable manufacturer that was established in 1989 to the present day. The company’s main products include copper and aluminium wires for the construction industry, MC cables, and service entrance cables, among others.Encore Wire Corporation is committed to delivering power to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, among others, and places emphasis on quality and safety, producing wires and cables that meet the industry standards for solving customers’ cable problems. Additionally, the company follows sustainability by investing in various sustainable projects and using sustainable materials whenever possible.

American Wire Group American Wire Group

One of the top suppliers and manufacturers of wire and cable in the US, American Wire Group creates wire and cable products that may be applied to a variety of sectors. These goods, which can be used for power transmission in automation, machinery, solar energy, and autos among other things, include copper and aluminum wires, industrial cables, and renewable energy cables. In order to supply its customers with the best cable solutions, the business emphasizes on offering them outstanding one-stop services and premium products.In order to integrate new technologies in the infrastructure and energy sectors and promote sustainable development, American Wire Group has been conducting research and developing new inventions.


In general, I trust you must already have a certain understanding of the world’s top 10 cable manufacturers. The use of wires and cables are frequently in life, so it is very important to find a reliable and excellent cable manufacturer near me, and cables are related to safety issues, which especially can’t be ignored.

When choosing electric cable, people have to take into account several considerations such as safety, production standards, quality, price and durability. It is difficult to choose out excellent partners, if you want to buy wire and cable, you can contact ZW Cable, we can provide you with high quality production, efficient service and cost-effective cables.

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