What are the common cable faults?

Short circuits in electrical circuits during construction on a building site, so I'm going to check the circuits to see what went wrong. What are the common cable faults?
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Different faults can occur in cables over time, so it is important for people to be aware of the faults that can occur in cables and to regularly inspect and maintain them to ensure the stability of the circuit. Here is a list of several kinds of faults of cables may occur can be reference:

1. External damage, the electrical cable will change over time, may be subject to external mechanical damage, serious damage or even lead to a short circuit;
2. Insulation moisture, the electrical cable may be subject to rain and snow erosion, resulting in insulation moisture, weakening insulation strength, shortening the service life of the cable;
3. Chemical corrosion, the electric cable is in a long-term chemical corrosion of the environment, will lead to insulation and conductors receive corrosion, thus causing cable failure;
4. Overloaded operation, if the electrical cable long-term load capacity is too large, then it will lead to the cable temperature rises, there will be a risk of fire and so on;
5. Joint faults, electric cable joints belong to the fault-frequent part, improper contact will damage the cable, and even cause accidents.
6. Ambient temperature, the temperature of the cable’s surroundings can also affect the operation of the cable and can lead to circuit failure.

You can refer to the above several types of cable faults situations to do cable failure investigation. There will also be other cable faults that people should check and maintain in time to reduce the possibility of danger.

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