What are the cable accessories?

We are going to install the cables and need to buy some cable accessories . I want to know what are the cable accessories?
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Cable accessories help save costs, extend electrical cable life, enhance cable management, and play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of electrical, data, and signal transmission. Standard cable attachments are:

Cable Connector: Used to connect cables to devices. Examples include USB connectors, HDMI connectors, and Ethernet connectors.

Cable Termination: Components such as cable lugs and sleeves are used to terminate cables to ensure a secure and reliable connection.

Cable glands: Cable gland provides cable entry to cabinets or equipment while remaining sealed against dust, moisture, and contaminants.

Cable ties and clips: These help organize and secure cables, reducing clutter and preventing tangling.

Cable trays and conduits: They provide an organized path for cable routing and protect cables from physical damage and environmental factors.

Junction Box:  An electrical enclosure houses one or more wiring connections, protects those connections from environmental conditions and accidental contact, and facilitates wire maintenance. It also serves as a common meeting point for electrical wires.

Cable Protector: Designed to protect cables from abrasion in high-traffic areas or industrial environments.

Adapters and converters: These accessories allow cables with different connectors or standards to be used together.

These are all part of the cable management solution that helps to enhance wire management.

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