NYY Cable Essentials: Specifications,Types and Usage Areas

NYY cables emerge as quintessential elements, renowned for their robustness and adaptability in diverse environments, encompassing underground and surface applications.  A profound comprehension of NYY cables, including their varied applications and distinct specifications is essential to ensure the precise selection tailored to your project’s necessities. Our expertly crafted business blog presents an exhaustive discourse on NYY cables, elucidating how they differ from NYM cables. This resource is meticulously designed to navigate the intricacies of NYY cables, endowing you with vital insights and a thorough understanding necessary to tackle the complexities of electrical installation.

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What is NYY Cable Meaning?

NYY cable is similar to Hi-Tuff cable. Nyy J cable is a commonly used fixed installation power and control cable in Europe. NYY cable full meaning is copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed cable.

What is NYY cable stand for?

The term ‘NYY’ is derived from German coding system where each letter in the acronym represents a specific characteristic of the cable:

N – stands for copper conductor

Y – indicates PVC insulation (inner layer)

Y – denotes PVC outer sheath

Through the analysis of these abbreviations, we can easily understand the NYY cables meaning, that is, cables with one or more PVC insulated copper cores wrapped in PVC outer sheath.


NYY cable specification

Nyy power cable is made from stranded or solid annealed copper conductors, and the PVC jacket provides a durable protective layer that makes it flame-retardant and UV-resistant. Nyy cables are available in a wide range of sizes, typically from 1.5mm² to 630mm², and can be single 2, 3, 4, or 5-core, catering to different installation requirements. When reviewing an NYY cable datasheet, you might come across the label such as nyy 5×4 50m, this refers to a 50-meter length of NYY cable with five cores; each conductor has a cross-sectional area of 4mm². NYY cable specifications can vary depending on the specific variant of the cable and the manufacturer, however, some general specifications are as follows:

  • Voltage Rating: NYY power cables are often rated for low voltage installations, typically 600/1000V.
  • Nyy Cable Rating: depends on the cross-sectional area of the conductor. For example, 4mm NYY electrical cable is typically rated for 30-40A, while a 6mm NYY cable is rated for 40-50A.
  • Operating Temperature: Rated for -15°C to +70°C when permanently mounted without movement or vibration. For applications with movement or flexing, NYY cables are rated for -5°C to +50°C
  • Standard: NYY cables are manufactured in accordance with international standards, such as VDE 0276, IEC 60502, and BS 6346, with flame retardant properties according to IEC 60332.1.
  • Sheath color: typically black
  • Bending Radius: The minimum bending radius for NYY cables is typically 15 times the overall cable diameter.

nyy cable

NYY Cable Variant (NYY-J and NYY-O cable specification).

The NYY cable range typically consists of NYY-J and NYY-O cables rated at 600/1000V, each distinguished by specific construction and application:

NYY-J Cable: The “J” in NYY-J represents “Jord”, the Danish term for “ground”. This signifies that NYY-J cables are equipped with yellow-green earth or ground wire; suitable for installations where a reliable grounding connection is required to provide additional safety features.

NYY-O Cable: The “O” in NYY-O stands for “Ohne”, which means “without” in German word. That is, Nyy-o cable does not have earth wire and is suitable for applications where earthing is not necessary or provided elsewhere.

In summary, the main difference between nyy-j cable meaning and nyy-o cable meaning is that nyy-j cable has an additional yellow-green ground wire. Both nyy cable types can be used indoors, outdoors, buried underground, or submerged in water. Below, let’s take a look at the specific NYY cable applications.


What is nyy cable used for?

Nyy electrical cables are typically unarmored power cables with a wide range of uses. They can be installed indoors, in open air, underground, and in water and concrete (except for vibrating or compressed concrete), providing a cost-effective solution for power and control wiring where mechanical damage is not expected. Specific applications are:

  1. power stations and distribution boards.
  2. Underground installations.
  3. In cable ducts
  4. Building wiring like plug sockets
  5. Outdoor lighting systems
  6. Industrial automation
  7. Due to its high flame-retardant properties, NYY electrical cable can also be used in public infrastructure projects like schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings.
  8. When additional mechanical protection is not required, nyy 0.6 1kv cables can replace steel wire armoured (SWA) cables, like short underground line runs and indoor branches.

In summary, nyy flexible cables are known for robustness, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, making them a favored option for a wide array of electrical and power applications. Below is the comparison between nyy and nym cable.


NYM vs NYY cable: the Difference

The NYY and NYM cables are both part of the NYC cable family and are used in various electrical and engineering projects. The main difference between NYY and NYM cable lies in intended usage:

 NYY cable:

  • NYY cables, including nyy-j and nyy-o cables, adopt robust PVC insulation and sheathing with good resistance to moisture, chemicals, and UV rays.
  • They are typically used in 600/1000V indoor and outdoor applications, including above-ground, underground, and underwater installations.


NYM Cable:

  • The “M” indicates that NYM cables are multi-core cables. NYM cables also feature PVC insulation and sheathing, but are not as resistant to external environmental factors as NYY electrical cables.
  • NYM cables are mainly used for 300/500v fixed installations within buildings, including in plaster, masonry, or similar surfaces, and closed installation ducts. They are not designed for direct burial in the ground or unprotected outdoor use.
  • NYM cable range also includes NYM-J (with green/yellow core) and NYM-O (without green/yellow core) for residential, commercial, and industrial power and lighting circuits without the extra robustness of NYY power cables. Sheath colors are generally white or gray.

difference between nyy cable and nym cable

In summary, while both NYY and NYM cables are used for fixed installations, they have different characteristics and are suitable for different environments. The NYY cable is more suitable for external applications, including underground and submerged installations, while the NYM cable is more suitable for internal installations in dry or wet environments.

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Can NYY Cable be Buried?

Yes, NYY cable can be buried directly into the ground without additional protection or conduit. This is because it has a robust PVC sheath that is thicker than many other cable types, providing excellent moisture, soil acidity, and UV protection. However,  it should be noted that although NYY flexible cables can be directly buried, they do not provide the same level of mechanical protection as steel wire armoured cables, and shouldn’t be installed in circumstances where mechanical stress or damage is likely. Additionally, when NYY electrical cables are required to comply with the buried requirements of BS7671, they should be installed in conduits or pipes.

Generally, nyy wires can be installed to a minimum depth of 0.6 meters,but should be at least 0.8 meters under roads. When installed in water (only in static waters/non-navigable bodies of water), the maximum submergence depth of nyy cables is 10 meters and should not exceed 2 weeks at a time.


Bottom Line

All in all, NYY power and control cables (including NYY-J and NYY-O cables) are a durable and versatile solution for various fixed installation applications and can be directly buried without additional protection. However, NYY cables are not suitable for all situations, especially those involving mechanical stress, so it is essential to understand the specific requirements of the installation project before choosing a cable – the comparison with NYM cables also highlights the importance of choosing the right cable based on the application.

If you are unsure of which NYY power cable to choose, reaching out to a professional nyy cable manufacturer like ZW Cable is highly recommended. ZW supplies not only nyy power cables but also a range of nyc cables including EMI shielded nycy cable, single core NYA cable (or nyfa cable), and concentric conductor NYCWY cable. ZW will also provide you with accurate nyy cable prices.

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