Safety First: The Crucial Role of LSZH Cables in Fire Prevention


Lszh cable is a type of low voltage cable designed with special materials. When the current or voltage is excessively high, the temperature of the cable rises, and there is even a risk of a short circuit or fire. Electrical cable can emit smoke and dangerous chemicals in the event of a fire, which can obscure eyesight and restrict escape routes, and individuals can be poisoned by inhaling harmful gases. Therefore, places with poor air circulation will need cable lszh. Now let’s learn more about lszh cables.

What is the LSZH cable meaning?

Lszh cable denotes a low-smoke, zero halogen, low voltage cable with insulation and sheathing materials that are typically used in environments with very high smoke emission requirements, either in confined spaces or in areas with limited ventilation. The lszh power cable has been designed to minimize the release of toxic fumes and halogenated gases in the event of a fire or high temperature exposure, thereby maximizing personal safety.

lszh cable

People inhale the smoke will cause harm to the body’s respiratory system and other places; and halogen refers to several salt elements collectively, all belong to toxic substances. This shows the importance of low smoke halogen free cable. Here we learn about lszh cable applications and benefits.

LSZH cable applications and benefits

Lszh power cable is mainly suitable for the following applications:

Data communication: some data communication such as LAN and Ethernet in indoor areas will use lszh power cable;

Marine and offshore: cabling on ships, at sea and in areas close to the sea has higher requirements for fire protection and zero emission of toxic gases and is more suitable for the use of lszh flexible cables.

Public places and transport: in some public areas such as subways, trains and buses, the use of lszh flexible cable can reduce the emission of aversion fitting toxic gases;

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Oil and gas industry: oil and gas are flammable and easy to explode, the use of lszh  power cable can reduce the risk factor.

In addition to the above applications, there are also medical facilities, defense installations and residential applications where lszh power cable is used to help people reduce smoke and toxic gas emissions in the event of a fire.

lszh power cable

Lszh wire has a lot of advantages, simply list a few points for your reference:

Fire protection: xlpe lszh cable has excellent fire resistance, the insulation material used is not easy to catch fire, and even flame retardant to prevent the spread of flame;

Reduce toxic gas emissions:in the event of a fire, lszh single core cable emissions of smoke and halogens than the general cable is much less, to improve the visibility of the air in the event of a fire, reduce the risk of smoke and toxic gases on the human body;

Environmental protection: lszh fire resistant cable will not produce too much pollution to the atmosphere when burning, but also in line with the concept of low-carbon environmental protection;

Reduced maintenance costs: lszh armoured cable cause less damage to infrastructure in the event of a fire, thus reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Lszh wire has significant merits in terms of fire safety and toxic gas emission. We need to choose cables that comply with lszh cable standard to improve the safety of confined spaces, which is more helpful to protect personal safety. Here we will analyse the flame retardancy of lszh twin and earth cable specifically.

Is lszh cable fire retardant?

Lszh cable is flame retardant, when designing lszh wire, the safety in case of fire is considered, so lszh fire resistant cable is flame retardant, but not completely fireproof, it can reduce the risk factor in case of fire and protect personal safety as much as possible.

Firstly, after a fire occurs lszh power cable has a low flame propagation rating, which can help people control the spread of fire;

Secondly, the low smoke emission of lszh fire resistant cable can improve air visibility, which plays a great role in evacuating people and smoke inhalation;

Finally, the zero halogen content of lszh fire resistant cable reduces the risk of inhaling toxic gases.

These three aspects make up the flame retardant properties of lszh power cable, which can help equipment vulnerable to corrosive gases and smoke damage to function properly, but just because lszh fire resistant cable is flame retardant doesn’t mean it ensures the integrity of the circuitry. After that let’s take a look at what’s the difference between LSZH and LSF.


LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) and LSF (low smoke and fume) cables have in common that they are designed to improve fire safety, and the difference between lsf and lszh cables are reflected in the following aspects:

Material composition: lszh cable jacket and insulation use low-smoke, halogen-free materials, while lsf cable sheathing and insulation use low- smoke, smokeless materials.

Smoke and halogen: lszh cables minimize the release of smoke when exposed to fire or extreme heat and minimise the release of the harmful gas halogen.

Applications: lszh power cables are typically used in densely populated areas such as commercial buildings, data centres and public transport systems. LSF cables are typically used in less critical indoor applications such as residential buildings, industrial facilities and some outdoor installations. LSF cables also reduce the emission of smoke, but not as much as lszh cables, which have a slightly higher content of halogens than lszh cables.

In summary, both LSZH and LSF cables are designed to improve safety by reducing smoke and toxic emissions in fires. the choice between LSZH and LSF cables depends on the specific requirements of the installation, safety regulations and the toxicity tolerance level of the environment in which they are to be used. The next step is to analyse the comparison between lszh cable and pvc cable.

lszh vs pvc vs lsf cable

lszh cable vs pvc: which one is better

In order to help you choose a cable that is more suitable for your application, the following points are made about the comparison between lszh cable and pvc cable.

  1. Lszh cable is specially made for fire safety, the smoke emission and halogen content of pvc cable is higher than that of lszh flexible cable, therefore, for the scenes with high fire safety requirements, lszh cable is more suitable for people to use.
  2. Lszh fire resistant cable’s low smoke emission and zero halogen content is more environmental friendly, and will not emit toxic gases into the atmosphere to pollute the environment in case of fire; whereas pvc cable will contribute to the spread of flame in case of fire, and release toxic gases at the same time.
  3. Lszh power cable has stronger fire resistance and corrosion resistance than pvc cable.
  4. Lszh cable price is higher than pvc cable, the material and manufacturing process used in lszh cable is more complicated than pvc cable, so lszh cable cost is higher, not as economical as pvc cable.

To sum up, which is better, lszh power cable or pvc cable, depends on many aspects. In the confined space with high fire safety and toxic gas emission requirements, lszh flexible cable is better; in the open space with low fire safety requirements, pvc cable is more suitable for your choice. Finally, to teach you how to choose the right lszh twin and earth cable.

How to choose the right LSZH cable?

When making lszh cable selection, you need to take into account the following factors to meet the needs of the application.

Application and Requirements: Firstly you need to identify the specific use and specific needs of the lszh cable and look at the surrounding environment where the cable will be installed;

Types: choosing the right type and size of cable, such as low smoke zero halogen hook up wire, lszh control cable and lszh ethrnet cable and others.

Features: Determine the electrical characteristics required for the target application, such as voltage, current carrying capacity and temperature;

Installation length and size: the length and size of the cable run is determined by the amount of current required for the application and the installation needs;

Budget and manufacturer: one also needs to consider his budget for buying the cable and look for a reliable lszh cable manufacturer to custom lszh cable;

Suggestion by the professional electrician: you also need to take into account the relevant advice given by the professional electrician to choose the lszh fire resistant cable that meets the local lszh cable regulations and standards.

In addition, you also need to consider aspects such as compatibility, lszh cable specification and specific usage. Based on the above mentioned considerations, choose the right lszh power cable.


Based on the above, you must have some knowledge about lszh fire resistant cable, mastering the lszh power cable meaning, application, characteristics and comparison with other cables. Then you can surely choose the right lszh power cable for your application.

Besides shopping on alibaba and ebay or other shopping platforms, you can also find trusted cable suppliers and manufacturers to buy and custom lszh power cable, such as ZW Cable, which is surely a trustworthy manufacturer, with many years of experience, many customers, and lots of positive feedbacks, and can provide you with high quality and suitable  lszh cable price. ZW Cable is a industrial cable supplier and manufacturer that you can trust.

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