CCC Cable: Mandatory Certification Overview for Different Cable Types

For cable manufacturers seeking to enter the Chinese markets, obtaining CCC certification – China’s mandatory safety certification, cannot be overstated. CCC cable not only signifies compliance with rigorous regulatory standards, but also ensures reliability in various applications. Join us as we uncover what CCC certification is, how it affects manufacturers, the market, and consumers, and 3C certified cables.

CCC Cables

What is the CCC Certificate or CCC Mark?

CCC certification, or 3C certification, full name is “China Compulsory Certification”, is a mandatory product certification system announced by General Administration of Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine of China. CCC certification aimed to safeguard consumer safety and national security, and strengthen product quality management. It covers a broad range of products, including electrical equipment, wire and cables, automotive parts, household items, toys, and medical devices, requiring manufacturers to undergo rigorous testing and factory inspections to obtain certification. All products listed may not be sold, imported, and used for sales activities before obtaining the relevant certification certificate and adding the certification mark.

Below, let’s see what 3C certified product can ZW Cable, one of the top 10 cable manufacturers worldwide provides.


3C Certified Cable Type.

As a recognized leader in the cable manufacturing industry, ZW Cable is capable of offering a wide range of CCC certified cables, each meticulously tested to meet high safety and performance standards, demonstrating ZW’s commitment to delivering quality and reliable solutions for the electrical industry. Some of our key 3C certified cables are listed below:

Flexible Cable:

  • RVV: 300/300V, 300/500V. Widely used in light portable equipment; common applications are signal transmission of burglar alarm systems multi-core control, electrical appliances internal control, computer-controlled instruments, electronic equipment, and automation devices.

RVV Cable

  • RVVP: 300/300V. Suitable for communication, audio, instrumentation, electronic equipment, automation devices, etc. need to prevent electrical interference shielded flexible cable.

RVVP Cable

House Wire

  • RV: Single-core flexible cable, primarily used for the internal wiring of household appliances, small mobile tools, instruments, meters, and other equipment with AC voltage 450/750V and below, as well as the connection of power lighting flexible cable.
  • BV: Solid PVC cable for power supply devices, daily appliances, instruments, lighting circuits, and telecommunication equipment with AC voltage 450/750V and below.
  • BVR: Multi-stranded conductor cable, offering greater flexibility than BV. Suitable for AC rated voltage 450/750V and below or DC voltage 1000V and below electrical devices, instruments, meters, telecommunication equipment, power lighting and other line installation, and can be open or concealed laying.

Rubber Insulation Cable:

  • YZ: Suitable for AC voltage 300/500V and below portable electrical tools and devices, household appliances, construction lighting, and machine interiors, etc. where flexibility or durability is required.
  • YZW: Enhanced for outdoor or demanding industrial conditions, YZW cables are a perfect choice for similar applications as YZ, including household appliances and construction lighting, with added suitability for outdoor use or in environments exposed to oil and grime.
  • YCW: Heavy-duty rubber cables designed to withstand extreme weather, mechanical stresses, and harsh industrial environments. Suitable for 450/750V and below power devices, household appliances, electric tools, construction lighting and machine internal requirements where flexibility is required for electrical connection or wiring; also suitable for outdoor or exposure to oil and dirt places.
  • TVVB: 300/500V, 450/750V. Drag chain cable for port terminal accompanying cranes, excavators, automated machinery, and connecting cables for elevator equipment accompanying.

The CCC mark is typically applied to the cable’s surface or molded onto it, identifiable by the oval-shaped “CCC” logo. Accompanying each 3C mark is a unique code that correlates to a specific manufacturer and product. Consumers have the option to verify this code through the National Quality Certification Center, thus confirming the authenticity and compliance of the product with mandatory certification requirements. After discussing CCC certification and ZW’s 3c-certified cables, let’s look at the significance of CCC certification.


CCC Certification Cable Significance.

The significance of CCC certification cable is that it serves as a passport to market access in China, which can ensure product safety, enhance competitive advantage, expand product distribution, and improve brand reputation.

  1. Market Access: CCC certification is one of the necessary conditions for products to enter the Chinese Through the CCC certification, enterprises can prove the product meets the relevant national technical specifications and safety standards, so as to obtain market recognition and access qualifications.
  2. Safety Assurance: CCC certification requires enterprises to produce and test in accordance with the relevant national technical specifications and safety standards, which helps to improve cable safety.
  3. Competitive Edge: Cables bearing the CCC mark can have a competitive advantage in the Chinese market, as it signifies reliability and safety compliance to consumers, which helps enterprises obtain more opportunities and market share in the market.
  4. Expand product distribution: After obtaining CCC certification, enterprises can legally sell cables across the country and gain the trust and recognition of more partners and customers, thus expanding the sales scope of products.
  5. Enhance Brand reputation: By obtaining China Compulsory Product Certification, a brand’s commitment to quality and safety standards is affirmed, contributing to the establishment of trust and credibility in the highly competitive Chinese and global marketplace and greatly enhancing the brand’s reputation. This mark is also a strong testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and the protection of consumer interests.

3c certification cable is not just a regulatory requirement but a strategic tool for businesses to establish credibility, gain consumer trust, and successfully navigate the Chinese market.

Bottom Line.

All in all, 3C certification is crucial for cables sold in China, serving a vital role for manufacturers, the market, and consumers. ZW Cable, with its wide range of CCC cables, embodies a commitment to high standards and catering to the modern electrical industry’s needs through rigorously tested and quality products. Whether you’re seeking reliable power solutions or specialized cables, ZW’s 3C-certified products ensure that their performance not only meets but exceeds the highest industry standard. Additionally, ZW products also comply with IEC and BS standards, and are ISO, CE, and SGS approved. ZW Cable welcomes your inquiries.

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